Meet the TwinGrip: The Industry’s First 5-Adjustment Push-Button Slip Joint Pliers from KNIPEX Tools

January 25, 2022 by Knipex

If you keep your finger on the pulse of the hand tool industry, you’ve likely come across the TwinGrip Pliers chatter. The 8" pliers are the latest in innovation from KNIPEX Tools. To some quickly glancing at the tool, it may appear that it is a pair of slip-joint pliers similar to those offered by other manufacturers in the hand tool industry but that is not the case. The team at KNIPEX wanted to offer something unique to the market that answered the demands and desires of the professional end user. That is why over the past several years following dozens of conversations with end-users, the innovation team at KNIPEX Tools has worked hard to proudly bring you the TwinGrip Pliers.

So, what is it exactly? The TwinGrip Pliers (82 01 200) is the industry’s first five-adjustment push-button slip-joint pliers. Let’s dive into some of the features of the tool:

Five-adjustment push-button

The team incorporated the classic push-button functionality users have come to rely on from the KNIPEX line of Cobra® Pliers and Pliers Wrenches. With five adjustment positions, the TwinGrip offers a gripping capacity for diameters and widths across the flats from 5/32" to 7/8" with just the push of a button.

Both front and side gripping areas
The name “TwinGrip” derives from the tool’s capability to grip from both the front and side. The unique front gripping area is ideal for gripping stripped screws and bolts. The jaws of the side gripping area feature opposing teeth that allow the TwinGrip Pliers to grip round, square, and hex materials with maximum force.

Three-point contact system

The TwinGrip reliably grabs flat objects as it makes contact with the workpiece in three key areas of the jaw.

Slim head, box-joint design, and pitch guard
Users can easily access confined, hard-to-reach spaces with great stability while also avoiding their fingers being pinched by the handles.

Hardened teeth

The gripping surfaces have special hardened teeth (approx. 61 HRC) and the tool is made of superior high-grade German chrome vanadium steel.

Two handle types available
The TwinGrip is available with non-slip plastic coated handles (82 01 200) and multi-component, comfort grip handles (82 02 200).

With all the above incorporated into a single pair of pliers, users can complete their jobs with ease, speed, and confidence. “This is one of our most highly sought-after new products in the history of our company,” said Peter Grable, Senior Product Manager for KNIPEX Tools. He continued, “Its flexibility, versatility, and superior grip strength makes it perfect for any toolbox and the response from distributors and end-users alike has been overwhelmingly positive!”

To learn more about the TwinGrip Pliers, you can watch the product video here. And for more on innovation from KNIPEX Tools be sure to read our Innovation Q&A.

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