BlueVolt Training in Action: A Distributor Success Story

April 11, 2022 by NetPlus Alliance

The NetPlus Academy, powered by BlueVolt, delivers comprehensive educational resources to distributor members looking to gain an aggressive edge against the competition.   

We are excited to share more about our online offering and capabilities and how distributors are using the platform.  

This learning system is available to all NetPlus distributor members and offers over 830 industry-specific courses led by preferred supplier partners. These courses help members grow their capabilities for more powerful channel partnerships and more knowledgeable sales teams.   

Distributor members who complete eligible supplier training courses in the NetPlus Academy earn $BlueBucks, which can be redeemed via gift cards at several online and physical retailers. NetPlus is also incentivizing course completions by awarding points towards their NetPlus Perks status. 

Whether used to train existing employees or onboard new team members, the NetPlus Academy offers distributors an opportunity to strengthen channel partnerships, increase product knowledge and enhance performance in a competitive market.   

How Alabama Construction Supply Wins with the NetPlus Academy, powered by BlueVolt 

Alabama Construction Supply, a second-generation construction and industrial supplies distributor in Alabama and Kentucky, is a shining example of a distributor that gets it. Recently, NetPlus recognized them for their high level of engagement and growth in 2020, adding eight new NetPlus suppliers, achieving 33% growth over the previous year, and 30% same-store growth.  

The Alabama Construction Supply team credits the distributor’s success to the continuous advancement of their technical and product expertise. Russ Bailey, Vice President of Alabama Construction Supply, said, “Unlike big corporations with specific job descriptions, our team works together to get the job done. The training courses through the NetPlus Academy have given our staff opportunities to cross-train and advance their careers. Our people realize that if the company is doing better, then everybody does better.”  

What Worked? 

After attending the NetPlus Annual Meeting in Nashville, Philip McDaniel, Inside Sales Support Specialist for Alabama Construction Supply, met with a BlueVolt team member after the NetPlus Academy, powered by BlueVolt breakout session. He quickly realized the potential growth opportunity associated with the program and conveyed that knowledge back to Russ and Stan Bailey.  

Russ Bailey and the leadership team hosted an in-house competition requiring employees to complete 25 training videos. Bailey also used incentives to accelerate employee involvement. The team member who completed the most training would win a gift card.   

Like most new company initiatives, Alabama Construction Supply was uncertain how the team would take to the new training requirements. They debated attaching training requirements to employee performance reviews but quickly found that was unnecessary. Bailey says that for his team, friendly competition was the motivating factor.  

“We wondered if we would need to enforce training, but they’ve engaged with the training and enjoyed watching the videos,” said Bailey. “When it came down to the wire, we had two employees that were neck and neck within two videos, just trying to outpace the other.”  

Bailey looks forward to continued success with the NetPlus Academy, powered by BlueVolt, and plans to continue training. The distributors will focus trainings on one product at a time, then have one representative from the team lead a virtual presentation to teach the entire staff and build product awareness.  

“I’ve had several people say they are focusing on brands we don’t carry so they can compare and contrast brands and learn more about the competition,” Bailey said.   

The training not only enhanced product knowledge for Alabama Construction Supply employees but also provided continuity throughout the company, from the inside sales team to outside sales. With multiple locations, existing teams, and new employees, promoting the same product information is critical. The team is excited to use that deeper product knowledge to grow market share in top-performing products, as well as untapped markets.   

“In this industry, knowledge is key. Our customers have been impressed with our product knowledge compared to the competition, and that has increased customer stickiness,” said Bailey.  

Alabama Construction Supply has always taken product knowledge seriously. Bailey says that NetPlus Alliance and the NetPlus Academy have allowed them to develop that knowledge even further.  

“The NetPlus Academy has given my team the confidence and knowledge they need to sell new and existing product lines. It gives our customers that extra wow factor and value that can both convert and retain business,” said Bailey. “We’ve enjoyed working with the entire team at NetPlus Alliance. They have been a great addition to our network and the return on our investment has been received tenfold.”  

The NetPlus Academy, powered by BlueVolt, provides robust training in areas that include:   

  • Brand and Product Training  
  • Customer Service Training  
  • Sales and Marketing Enablement  

Visit our website to learn more about the NetPlus Academy, powered by BlueVolt, or contact Cynthia Mazraani at 


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