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November 1, 2021 by ABUS

It is common to find standard safety lockout/tagout (LOTO) kits that help employees lockout machinery and equipment during maintenance. Most kits are pre-assembled to carry LOTO tools, such as padlocks, tags, and devices. At times, these standard kits carry items that aren’t necessary to the user which can lead to money down the drain. ABUS custom safety kits can generate cost savings and ensure that employees stay safe during maintenance to meet OSHA requirements. The ABUS safety kits are tailored to fit the needs of any safety program with no additional charge.

With safety customization, facilities can build kits to equip employees with the proper LOTO tools for electrical, valve, and cable lockouts.

Modifying a custom safety kit with ABUS is simple. Here's how:


Select the LOTO padlocks and devices desired. An ABUS representative can assist in selecting a kit case size determined by its contents, unless specified by the customer. Safety pouch sizes include basic, standard, and deluxe. Toolboxes are also included for custom safety kits.

Customers can create specific kits based on the application needed increasing the probability of use.


Once the items are selected by the customer, ABUS will then build the safety kits with the products requested. There is no additional charge to customize kits.  


After the build stage, ABUS is committed to ensure that all safety kits are delivered to the customer on time.


ABUS assigns a customer-specific part number to each kit for ease of reordering. The designated part number provides a seamless ordering process for customers who are interested in purchasing additional kits. A unique feature about ABUS custom safety kits is that a customer can create multiple kits for one single location. This allows for facilities to modify kits based on department requirements.

Each kit will be assembled with the highest-quality LOTO products that meet OSHA standards from ABUS. Padlocks that can be added include the 72 Series, 74 Series, and the Silver Rock™. This range of padlocks are available in a variety of colors and shackle sizes. The 72 Series is a lightweight aluminum lock that offers superior chemical and corrosion resistance. For applications that require multiple lock points, the 72 Series offers a cable shackle available in 4 to 8 inches. Plastic-covered padlocks from the 74 Series are also available for custom kits. The 74 Series solid lock body offers a 6-pin cylinder that is key-retaining. The nylon-covered lock body and shackle are perfect for electrical applications. The Silver Rock™ can also be added to custom kits. Known for its solid zinc body that withstands outdoor elements, the Silver Rock™ padlock provides users with a precision 5-pin paracentric keyway that protects against tampering.

Safety devices are crucial components to preventing employee accidents and injuries during machinery maintenance. ABUS custom safety kits can also contain a variety of safety devices. The available devices include but are not limited to gate valves, ball valves, power plug lockouts, breaker lockouts, safety hasps, and tags.

Lockout/tagout has continuously been listed as a Top 10 OSHA violation for years. Lack of preparation or training can be detrimental to safety professionals who work daily with heavy equipment and machinery. ABUS understands that not all safety programs are identical and that customization is necessary to ensure that all LOTO procedures can be met to guarantee safety. From large to small facilities, custom kits can serve as an apparatus for safety professionals in all industrial sectors.

Custom safety kits with ABUS are tailored for safety to be efficient and valuable to everyday safety professionals. To learn more about ordering ABUS custom safety kits, click here or contact 1.800.352.ABUS.


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