Innovation Q&A with KNIPEX Tools Product Manager, Peter Grable

December 7, 2020 by Knipex

Q: KNIPEX Tools recently launched the Forged Wire Stripper. What makes this wire stripper different than others?


A: The new Forged Wire Stripper (13 71 81, 13 72 81) is a game changer.  It is unique to North America as it is designed specifically for AWG wire. We have five patents pending on this tool for a few key features, one of those being the screw cutting functionality. You can successfully cut 6-32 and 8-32 screws without threading – just insert, cut, and you're done. It's a huge time saver. It also features a shear cutting blade which provides a 50% higher cutting capacity. We've already seen lots of excitement from end users!


Q:  The Cobra® Water Pump Pliers is one of KNIPEX most popular lines. In what ways is KNIPEX improving the products within this family?


A: The Cobra® is a classic tool of ours, so we try to strike a balance between not messing around with what works but also building efficiencies and listening to customer feedback. With that in mind we recently rolled out our 4" Cobra® pliers, the Cobra® XS (87 00 100). It's a fully functioning pair of water pump pliers featuring 11 adjustment positions, 1" gripping capacity, and self-locking capabilities – just in a compact, easy to carry size.


Q: KNIPEX Tools offers a wide variety of quality products including cutting tools. What's new in the cutting plier's world?


A: We've rolled out a few key innovations within the cutting category. The TubiX® Pipe Cutter (90 31 02) is unlike any other pipe cutter found on the market. Users can cut through copper, brass, and high-grade steel from 1/4" to 1 3/8" using just one hand due to the single-handed QuickLock functionality.


We refined our 6 1/4" CoBolt® S Bolt Cutter (71 31 160) as well. The tool features a blade recess which allows for easier cutting of larger, round materials and prevents the material from slipping. It's pocket-sized but can handle materials with diameters up to 13/64".


Finally, we rolled out our new StepCut Cable Shears (95 11 160, 95 12 160, 95 18 160). The cutting edge gradations cut wires one after the other making cutting 40% easier than with standard cable shears at the same length. It can handle multi-core stranded copper and aluminum cables up to 1/0 AWG, all without crushing the materials.


Q: What's next in innovation for KNIPEX Tools? 


A: As the world's experts on professional pliers manufacturing, we are constantly looking at ways to improve and innovate. We accomplished a lot in 2020 and are proud of the work we did as a company. We plan to keep the momentum we built in 2020 going into 2021. KNIPEX fans can be on the lookout for new items from us in the first half of the year!


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