5 Tips to Keep in Your Toolbox

June 22, 2020 by Knipex

Having quality tools in your toolbox is critical to getting any job done. Perhaps even more critical is understanding how to use these tools and how to maintain their condition so they are continually effective.


Here are five tips for filling up your knowledge "toolbox" to help you get the most out of your KNIPEX tools.


Tip 1: Understand the KNIPEX Limited Lifetime Warranty

Even a premium quality cutter from KNIPEX may dull with extensive cutting use, and the teeth of a Cobra® pliers may grind over time. That's the sign of a well-loved tool! Wear and tear, however, is not covered under the KNIPEX Limited Lifetime Warranty. Instead, the warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. Professionals can count on our extremely low defective rates due to the quality in materials and production processes used but there are times when a replacement is absolutely necessary. Helping users understand what qualifies under warranty will prevent unnecessary returns and improve margins. To initiate a return within warranty, distributors can contact our customer service team at Claims@Knipex-tools.com.


Tip 2: Never Weld, Drill or Modify a Tool for Any Other Purpose

As a tool manufacturer, we see a lot of examples of users trying to modify a tool and while we appreciate the ingenuity and creativeness, there are several things wrong with modifying a tool. One, the tool was not designed to do whatever it is that you are trying to make it do. Second, as a manufacturer, we can’t warranty the tool if it is modified in any way, shape or form. Lastly, and most importantly, there is a safety element to modifying a tool. The original tool is designed for a specific purpose and manufacturers likely won’t be liable for anything that happens when a tool is modified or altered.


Tip 3: Adhere to Insulated Tool Best Practices

The safety of our end users is top priority. Understanding when and how to use insulated tools plays a key role in maintaining that safety. Our line of 1,000V hand tools should only be used by trained professionals when working on live installations. Insulated tools should be inspected prior to each and every use, and should not create a false sense of security.  Every insulated tool undergoes, one by one, a dielectric strength test at 10,000 V AC before we sell it. This means that work in the area up to 1,000 V AC has a safety buffer of ten times the permitted maximum limit. Our insulated tools not only meet known standards such as VDE and ASTM, but also offer the greatest possible safety, reliability and performance.


Tip 4: Use Electronic Pliers to Cut Cable Ties for a Smooth Flush Cut

Diagonal cutters are great pliers to have in any toolbox. They are great for cutting a variety of different wire sizes and solid materials, such as screws. It's no wonder that this is a go-to tool used for cutting. However, it’s not great for cutting cable ties. The blades on the diagonal pliers are not flush so that means a “spike” of material is left over when the cut is complete. This isn’t a good thing for cable ties as that little remaining plastic spike is often very sharp and can cut your hands and arms while working on a wiring harness or other cable tie applications. The better tool choice for this application would be a pair of electronics pliers. Electronics pliers have been designed to not only cut electronic components cleanly, they are also great for cutting cable ties flush without leaving a spike. No more cut hands or arms!


Tip 5: Replace the Push-Button, Not the Tool

Did you know the push-button on several of our pliers is replaceable; this includes our Cobra® Pump Pliers and the Pliers Wrenches? Not only that but it's quick and easy to do! In just a few steps you can pop out the old push-button and install a new one, extending the life of your pliers and decreasing the number of product returns. KNIPEX offers push-button spare part kits for our Pliers Wrench, Cobra® Pump Pliers, Pipe and Connector Pliers, Hose Clamp Pliers, Raptor, and Tile Breaking Pliers.


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