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June 13, 2017 by NetPlus Alliance

Return on Investment Frequently Asked Questions


“With NetPlus, I've already seen in the last year how we get better pricing than what we would have standing alone. We get better pre-paids. We get better buy-in. Everything is better, and that's something that we needed so that we can become more competitive.” - Dawson Mulhearn, president, Diamond State Industrial

When you form a business relationship with NetPlus Alliance, you’re partnering with a company that leverages five generations of experience in the industrial distribution industry. NetPlus preferred suppliers recognize the unique purchasing power of NetPlus’s 380+ distributors, and because of this, they offer NetPlus distributor members many benefits, including enhanced pricing/payment terms and reduced opening-order minimums.

The financial impact of these programs is compelling, with NetPlus growth results often outpacing the industry three- to four-fold. Distributors that attend trainings, regional/annual meetings and planning sessions facilitated by the Growth Plus framework show even greater results.


Ready to get started?

Please visit our Getting Started with NetPlus page to learn about membership criteria, pricing and next steps or to request a membership application.
Joining NetPlus is simple. After you request an application by filling out the form on this page, we’ll reach out to you to help you assess whether NetPlus is the best solution for your company.

Opt in for more information, and to download an informational sheet on the benefits of joining NetPlus Alliance.

What other benefits can I expect beyond direct cost savings and rebates?

Beyond the direct financial rewards that new distributor members can expect, additional benefits that can have an indirect effect on your bottom line include supplier access, networking with your peers, sales/marketing programs, product trainings, business insights and service-provider discounts.

Can a few percentage points really make a difference to a distributor’s bottom line?


Yes! According to the latest Industrial Supply Association Profit Report, the typical ISA distributor’s profit before taxes is 2.1 percent, while a high-profit ISA distributor makes more than twice that at 5.4 percent. This example illustrates how the seemingly small difference of a few percentage points can have a surprisingly large impact on the financial health and competitive standing of a distributor. Imagine how this growth to your bottom line could be used to grow your business.

Are NetPlus supplier programs really better than my existing programs? Will any of my pricing go up if I join the group?

Our programs are negotiated based on the overall volume and opportunity of the combined group, so with few exceptions, they are far richer than what an individual distributor can negotiate on their own. However, NetPlus allows you to retain your independence, helping you ensure that your program will never go backward.

What is the application process?

We’ve created a supplier purchases and targets worksheet that allows us to show you what your rebate would be based on your past performance. While NetPlus also provides many benefits that aren’t easily quantifiable, this worksheet will assess the direct financial benefits you can expect to experience when joining.

How do the rebate programs work?

Once you become a NetPlus member, we will automatically notify our preferred suppliers, which will begin tracking and accumulating your rebate automatically. Suppliers track and report purchases made by NetPlus member distributors, so you can view your current rebate status at any time from within the NetPlus portal. Rebates are collected after year-end reconciliation and then paid to distributors.

Do you help facilitate a formal planning process between distributors and suppliers?

Yes. We call it Growth Plus. It is a simple planning process that allows distributors and suppliers to select activities to grow their relationship and business. Like most things at NetPlus, participation in Growth Plus is optional, but we’ve found that those who participate obtain above-average results. The NetPlus Growth Plus sales planning process simplifies planning and keeps things on track.


Still have questions?

Complete the contact form on this page to have NetPlus contact you with more information, or visit the FAQ pages linked below for more answers to our most frequently-asked questions.

Would joining this group limit our independence?
Will joining give me access to new suppliers?
How can this buying group help me run my business better through networking and other opportunities?

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