Will joining give me access to new suppliers?

June 13, 2017 by NetPlus Alliance

“Since joining NetPlus we have added almost exclusively partner vendors, strengthened our relationships with existing NetPlus vendors and in several cases switched out non-member vendors for those within the group. Looking forward, we are very happy to see many of the programs get even stronger and key new vendors getting added.” – Jay Amstutz, Ohio Power Tool

NetPlus Alliance gives distributors a seat at the table with suppliers they may not be doing business with right now, allowing them to strengthen their positions in core categories and explore new opportunities for growth.

What channels and product categories does NetPlus serve?

NetPlus has forged relationships with more than 175 manufacturers and wholesalers across 34 product categories, primarily in the industrial and commercial construction channels. Distributor members specialize in one or more of the categories and also market products from many of the remaining channels. One of the great values to NetPlus distributors is the rich variety of programs for product categories beyond what they specialize in. For more information on NetPlus’s product categories, email: info@netplusalliance.com.

Will I have access to all NetPlus suppliers?

NetPlus respects the choice of both distributors and suppliers to choose who they do business with. We make applying for an account with our suppliers easier through our NetPlus online portal, but you will need to obtain credit approval with each supplier. Most NetPlus suppliers are eager to do business with NetPlus distributors, but some go to market with restrictive geography. With the help of NetPlus, you can begin the process with the right person at each supplier.

Can you tell me about NetPlus’s supplier selection?

Today’s industrial market and manufacturing consolidation continue to drive change, but overall, the NetPlus supplier list remains stable and continues to grow. We do work to limit the number of suppliers in a category, so when we do add a new supplier, it is usually at the recommendation of our distributors and in a category we are working to expand. We continue to enjoy many new supplier opportunities because of the attention that comes from outperforming industry growth averages, so we’re able to be selective about who we add.

Are NetPlus members involved with the selection of new suppliers and programs?

We actively solicit input from both distributor and supplier members because we recognize the value of their expertise. We host both distributor and supplier advisory councils each year, and we take to heart the feedback and suggestions we take from these meetings. As a result, many of our new programs and suppliers come as a recommendation from our members.

Am I required to drop suppliers that aren’t part of NetPlus Alliance?

No. Just keep in mind that your rebate will be determined by the suppliers you choose to purchase from, the total purchases through the group and your engagement within the group.

If there is a supplier I prefer not to work with, will my membership with NetPlus Alliance force me to work with them?

No – our member distributors as well as our preferred suppliers have the right to choose who they do business with. That said, we believe communication gaps are one of the most common sources of channel conflict, so we work to reduce conflict by offering our members ample opportunities to communicate face-to-face.
Our members can take advantage of our national and regional meetings to maximize their exposure with suppliers, meeting multiple suppliers in a single day and in one convenient location. Our online portal makes it easy for our members to initiate new business with each other, but if you need help beyond introductions, we are happy to help sort through any issues.

Opt in for more information, and to download an informational sheet on the benefits of joining NetPlus Alliance.

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Do I have to change my ordering or invoicing procedures?

No. NetPlus Alliance does not get in the middle of your relationship with your suppliers. You can continue to buy directly from suppliers and your representatives remain the same. Your supplier will invoice you and you will pay in the same manner that you do today.

How can I navigate and take advantage of the benefits provided by your preferred suppliers?

Once NetPlus’s preferred suppliers are notified of your participation and you are provided access to the NetPlus distributor portal, you will be able to view and compare the benefits provided by each supplier. You can also take advantage of NetPlus’s Growth Plus framework to talk to suppliers directly, allowing you to deepen your relationships in person. Growth Plus walks you through the process of meeting with your supplier to create a plan for growth, including guidance on who to include in meetings, what to discuss and how to follow through.

Does NetPlus Alliance control the pricing offered by preferred suppliers?

We leverage the combined negotiating power of our distributor members to establish enhanced discounts as part of our supplier programs, allowing us to obtain more desirable pricing and other benefits superior to what a distributor can typically get on their own. That said, we do not set or maintain pricing. A distributor can typically earn deeper or bid pricing based on additional volume.

Will every supplier on the list contact me?

The information you provide as part of the application process allows our preferred suppliers to filter our distributor list to target distributors they have identified as selling what they produce. As a result, only those suppliers who have the best potential to fit in with your business are likely to contact you.

Ready to get started?

Please visit our Getting Started with NetPlus page to learn about membership criteria, pricing and next steps or to request a membership application.
Joining NetPlus is simple. After you request an application by filling out the form on this page, we’ll reach out to you to help you assess whether NetPlus is the best solution for your company.

Still have questions?

Complete the contact form on this page to have NetPlus contact you with more information, or visit the FAQ pages linked below for more answers to our most frequently-asked questions.

Will joining yield a good return on my investment?
Would joining this group limit our independence?
How can this buying group help me run my business better through networking and other opportunities?


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