Will joining this group limit our independence?

June 19, 2017 by NetPlus Alliance

“NetPlus allows us the flexibility to make our own purchase decisions and run our business the way we want.”

NetPlus is here to provide more options to grow your business, not to take options away. NetPlus typically provides richer program options than what distributors can obtain independently, but doesn’t require that you participate in any supplier program. We also hold the feedback we receive from our members on supplier selection in high regard.

My business is unique, and I’ve worked hard to create strong supplier relationships. Aren’t there disadvantages to becoming locked into a buying group?

We exist to help you, and part of that means helping you preserve the unique personality of your business. Do you like the way you currently invoice and pay your suppliers? With NetPlus, you won’t have to change the way you purchase. Do you have certain supplier programs in place that you want to keep? No problem – we don’t require you to get rid of the programs you want to keep. We want to help you become a stronger you, by allowing you to keep what you like about your business while improving what you don’t.

How can I be sure that NetPlus programs will be superior to my legacy programs?

The programs we have negotiated for our members are based on the overall volume and opportunity of the combined group, so with few exceptions, they are far richer than what an individual distributor can negotiate on their own. But don’t take our word for it – complete our supplier purchases and targets worksheet to estimate what your rebate would be based on your past performance. See our financial benefits FAQs for more information.

What restrictions are placed on my business when I become a member?

Our goal is to add value, not to put restrictions on your business. Members who are interested in growing their business by taking advantage of NetPlus programs will get the most benefit from membership, but who you buy from and how is still up to you. You can keep any current programs that you like, and you can still pay your suppliers in the same way that you have in the past. We do ask, however, that you only belong to one buying group serving the same space.

How do I know that the suppliers you choose will work for my business?

Unlike some other groups, we actively solicit input from our distributor members when selecting new suppliers, through word-of-mouth and through formal advisory councils. Visit our Supplier Access and Program FAQs page for more information.

Ready to get started?

Please visit our Getting Started with NetPlus page to learn about membership criteria, pricing and next steps or to request a membership application.
Joining NetPlus is simple. After you request an application by filling out the form on this page, we’ll reach out to you to help you assess whether NetPlus is the best solution for your company.

Opt in for more information, and to download an informational sheet on the benefits of joining NetPlus Alliance.

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Still have questions?

Complete the contact form on this page to have NetPlus contact you with more information, or visit the FAQ pages linked below for more answers to our most frequently-asked questions.

Will joining yield a good return on my investment?
Will joining give me access to new suppliers?
How can this buying group help me run my business better through networking and other opportunities?

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