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May 21, 2018 by NetPlus Alliance

A Southwire cord reel review done by an influencer and shared online.


Social media has a huge influence in the world on both our personal and professional lives. Many companies use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for tool product reviews, marketing and advertising purposes. At Southwire Tools & Equipment we strive to take advantage of using these platforms to increase brand exposure and sales.

We do not only market our product on those pages, but we also utilize our influencer network on those social media platforms to review our products. An influencer is someone who has a high following or a big audience that looks to them for product recommendations and advice. We typically will send an influencer a product of ours, free of charge, and encourage them to make a unique review based on their experience with the product. Sometimes, they will make a video using the product in a real life application, or just simply take a photo and give their honest opinion in the comments. We are then able to use this content on our social media pages for our followers to see as well.

We have found this to be very beneficial as it helps increase sales and shows customers an honest, positive review coming from a third party, rather than coming from Southwire Tools & Equipment. Influencer reviews are a great way to get product information and impactful content to your desired audience at a low cost.


NetPlus Alliance shares Southwire review to their Instagram page NetPlus Alliance shares Southwire review to their Instagram page


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