A Step by Step Guide to Better Marketing: Scheduling Social Posts

July 29, 2013 by NetPlus Alliance

By Zach Brado

On the days leading up to the 4th of July, various businesses throughout my social media feeds were making “Happy Independence Day” announcements and posts.  I considered that it might be have been part of their marketing strategy, but my intuition tells me that these posts were being made “prematurely” do to the fact that whoever was running the social media pages would not be in the office on the 4th.

Set up a scheduled Facebook post from your company page to reach your audience at all times, even when out of the office.

Step by Step Guide: How to Schedule a Facebook Post

  • Go to www.facebook.com and sign in 
  • Select the type of post (Status, Photo/Video, Event) 
  • Create your post 
  • Click on the small gray clock at the bottom left of the sharing tool 
  • Add the year, month, day, hour, & minute for the post (posts can be set in the past as well)
  • Click schedule

*To find your scheduled posts, click on the ‘edit page’ drop-down button at the top right of the Admin Panel of the company page and select ‘Activity Log’; here you can change the time, publish now, or delete the post entirely.

There are numerous applications that you can use to create scheduled posts across social media platforms.  Here are a few free applications for you to check out:

Scheduling Social Media Updates

I hope that you and your business find this information useful.  Keep visiting www.netplusalliance.com/blog for more marketing insights as well as industry insights & more.

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