Helping Distributors Manage Customer MRO Demands

September 14, 2020 by Dataware, Inc.

In the MRO world, manufacturer demands on distributors are intense. The more customers you have means the more unique requirements you need to satisfy. When it comes to software requirements, customizing your current ERP system or doing something offline can be expensive, time consuming and inefficient. We know both the business needs to go along with the application development.


Dataware, Inc. products are cloud-based and customizable to meet your customers needs. We handle the complex needs of your customers without the disruption to your ERP system. This includes a branded look and feel meant to be an extension of your website.


Product Knowledge


Dataware has been working with industrial supply distributors since 1976. We currently work with several of the Industrial Distribution’s 2019 Big 50 List as well as smaller sized companies.


Being one of the earliest cloud-based systems, we have expertise in deployment and security. In the VMI realm we have seen every possible customer requirement and we always come up with a solution that meets both you and your customers’ requirements.




An especially important benefit to our platform is our integration expertise. We can seamlessly integrate to your ERP system with orders in or shipments out in almost any format your system can handle. We also integrate to your customers system including cXML punch-out capability for orders, both in and out.




Being cloud based you have no hardware expense and no software to buy or maintain. You also don’t need an IT staff to administer the site, the data or any hardware installation. With unlimited user access per customer and your own distributor logins, you will have access to expert user help and assistance at no additional cost. You simply have a small monthly fee per each customer plant.


Our products reflect our years of experience with both large and small distributors. Distributors of all sizes will immediately, and cost effectively increase their presence in the market with zero capital expenditures and using resources already in place.


We are here to help you get started today. Call Dataware, Inc. for a free test account and receive a NetPlus discount. Please be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for updates.


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