Why You Should Come to Our Buying Group's Annual Meeting

January 15, 2014 by NetPlus Alliance

If you have not yet registered for the NetPlus Alliance buying group annual event in Las Vegas this month, there is still time to do so - but not much time. Registration is scheduled to close on January 17. We know you are busy running your industrial supply business every day. But we are not asking you to take time off from your business; we are encouraging you to invest a couple days in your business.

Why are we doing this? Though this is our first free-standing group-wide event, our team has a long history of both organizing and participating in group and association based events. We know what makes them work and we know their potential to help participating companies succeed. Our suppliers have learned through the decades to have so much faith in them that they urged us to put one together for NetPlus Alliance. And our suppliers join us in urging you to join us this March.

This is not an opportunity. This is a garden of opportunities, and you get to pick which will have the greatest impact on your business.

This is not a business meeting. It is a series of business meetings, where you will sit face to face with a dozen or more partners that you choose from our eighty attending suppliers to make specific plans for growing your business.

This is not a dog and pony show. It is a chance to gain valuable insight from the business leaders presenting in our Sales and Product Breakout Sessions.

New product? Yes, there will be some. Show specials? Sure, you will see them. The point of our first Annual Meeting is to give you time to try something brand new that has the potential to grow your business in multiple ways this year.

How much can you grow? We can't answer that. But if you don't try, you'll never know.

By Karl Tschaepe

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