Members Need the Right Information, to Make the Right Decisions

September 18, 2014 by NetPlus Alliance

As the most important measure of performance for your business today, everything rides on how that bottom line looks when the books are closed each month. Here, at NetPlus Alliance, we’re working hard to help our distributor members and supplier partners improve that bottom line. NetPlus Alliance provides resources and opportunities that ultimately add that additional income to help you achieve your goals.

To effectively manage your business, you need to have the information to make decisions. You need it quickly, and it should be as complete and accurate as possible. We are continuing to develop and enhance the tools and information that we provide to our distributor members and supplier partners. Our portal has developed into a “one-stop shop” for what a distributor needs to know as it relates to their benefits with NetPlus Alliance. The supplier programs, along with key supplier contact information, are there. Numerous sales tools, including links to training, promotional flyers, and product pricing, can be found on the portal. We’ve also recently re-engineered the functionality to allow more users per company to access these valuable assets.

The accuracy of this information is also critical. We’re doing the best that we can to keep all of the information current, but we need the help of our liaisons from both distributors and suppliers. Each has the ability to edit their company information, so please take a few minutes to login, check out the information, and make changes as necessary. If any contacts need to be deleted, please let us know.

On-going supplier program development and enhancement are a top priority.

The primary aspects of a solid NetPlus Alliance supplier program is a strong rebate for the members, “NetPlus Advantages” that bring value to multiple areas of a distributor’s organization, and active engagement and support from the supplier for the distributors. The NetPlus Advantage is a benefit that is built into the supplier program and offered exclusively to NetPlus Alliance members. This is noted prominently within a supplier’s program in the NetPlus online portal. Many suppliers already have them highlighted, and we’re adding new ones regularly.

You asked and we answered! One of the most frequently asked questions by a distributor member is: “What is the supplier rebate?” We’ve assigned a rebate indicator (Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze) to each supplier. This correlates closely to their overall incentive program offered to NetPlus Alliance members. For a more detailed description of this program, you can read Paul Byrnes’ Distributor Pulse on page 15 of the

September NetPlus Newsletter, and stay tuned for more announcements to distributors in the coming weeks.

The Bottom Line is: We want to continue to develop and enhance programs that can help you improve your bottom line. This works if our distributor members are actively considering NetPlus Alliance supplier partners when making their buying decisions, and conversely, when our supplier partners are making the network of NetPlus Alliance members a part of their overall growth plan.

Based on purchase reports so far this year, we’re estimating around 300 NEW supplier and distributor relationships in 2014. Let’s keep it rolling!

If you have any comments or questions about how NetPlus Alliance can help you improve your bottom line, please feel free to email me at

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