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December 21, 2015 by NetPlus Alliance

By: Jennifer Murphy, President

An interview on the threat of AmazonSupply with the President of the National Wholesale Association, Dirk Van Dongen, recognized the resilience of the industrial distributor to compete in this new market. However, that industrial distributor must be able to adapt to change and focus on customer satisfaction to continue to succeed. Van Dongen said, “The distributors who will be in trouble are the ones who don’t recognize that the world is changing, and they have to change with it.”

NetPlus Alliance can be your support system as you manage the rapidly changing industrial market. We have over 100 years of combined experience in distribution, wholesale, marketing and business management to answer your questions or help you get started. Our business services have experienced consultants that you can talk to about pricing strategies, profitability and e-commerce.

Be one step ahead of your competition by becoming a member of NetPlus Alliance. Access to our supplier programs lowers your expenses, and earning a rebate builds your profitability. This winter, consider doing ONE new thing for your business: start a blog, create a Facebook page, update your logo, develop an e-commerce strategy, or consider a new product line from a NetPlus supplier. If you want to come out of your comfort zone to where the magic happens, we’ve got your back!

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