Embracing Change in Industrial Distribution

January 16, 2013 by NetPlus Alliance

NetPlus Alliance is undergoing significant changes in 2013. Over the last six months we underwent a planning process that reaffirmed our core purpose and put us on a path for strategic growth. Without losing sight of the group’s core values, these changes will improve our internal operations, give us a clear vision for future development, and provide you with more accurate information. It will also give you the ability to earn a larger rebate and provide you with tools to help you run your industrial distribution business.

Advisory Boards
Our distributor and supplier advisory boards provided input and guidance on framing our first annual meeting. These two groups of men and women participated in separate off-site meetings this past fall to provide honest feedback on what NetPlus needs to do to continue to grow and thrive in the industry. There were many similarities among the comments, but one core theme resonated within both groups: “Engagement.”

The distributor advisory group also asked us to communicate with them more frequently and to educate more of their employees on the benefits of NetPlus Alliance. Look for a new and improved NetPlus Exchange newsletter this February, more information on new products and promotions from NetPlus suppliers, and a new monthly e-newsletter that delivers group news, business best practices, updates and information related specifically to NetPlus distributors and suppliers.

These two groups also provided input and direction for a number of immediate initiatives, including live regional training and on-demand web training, which will be led by our Vice President of Development, Todd Washburn. These live regional trainings will also help you to get to know other NetPlus distributors in your area, and will be time well spent getting to know more about a few key suppliers, as well as NetPlus and how we work. Look for an email from Todd, as well as a special section on trainings in the next issue of the NetPlus Exchange newsletter.

We were excited to unveil the new look for the website, netplusalliance.com this past summer, and have appreciated your patience while we developed the login side these last few months. At the onset of 2013, all of the NetPlus back-office operations, accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) will be hosted by salesforce.com. NetPlus will streamline and improve our operations internally, and beginning February 1, will re-launch the login side of our website through a salesforce customer portal. Members and suppliers will receive their login and password information by email before the launch date.

Paul Haber, who many of you know as a good friend and advocate, has retired from NetPlus and the industrial supplies business after 53 years. We are happy to report that he will still be contributing his popular newsletter article, Paul’s Picks, as well as his most recent hunting or fishing tip in upcoming issues.

Todd Washburn, who joined NetPlus last year, will take over Paul’s role in visiting and consulting with our members and will remain active with our suppliers as well.

Zach Brado, who began last spring as a marketing intern while finishing his MBA at the University of Buffalo, will join us full time as our Marketing Coordinator when he graduates this June. Zach has been actively working to increase our social media engagement, updating and posting to the NetPlus Alliance Facebook, Twitter and Linked In pages. Make sure you take a moment to ‘like us’ and receive updates and information from your buying group and our supplier partners!

Engagement and Growth
This year, we are looking for greater commitment and engagement from our membership. We will provide technology and tools to help you achieve success, and to be a strong and independent business owner in the industrial and contractor supplies channel.

We anticipate a great year for NetPlus Alliance. Let’s “Keep it Rolling!”

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