5 Ways NetPlus Makes Buying Group Membership Easy

April 18, 2018 by NetPlus Alliance

While most distributors understand the potential benefits of joining a buying group, they may not realize just how easy it is to get started. Here are five ways NetPlus makes buying group membership profitable and painless:

  1. We allow distributors to conduct transactions however they choose. NetPlus doesn’t mandate how our suppliers and distributors invoice or pay, easing the transition to membership.
  2. We offer consistently superior pricing and rebates. Distributors may fear that the financial benefits of rebates are offset by higher base pricing from suppliers, but with NetPlus, suppliers are happy to provide rebates on top of the already-superior pricing we’ve negotiated, because the increased volume suppliers get in return makes it worth their while.
  3. We ensure distributor programs never go backward. Our programs are negotiated based on the overall volume and opportunity of the combined group, so with few exceptions, they are far richer than what an individual distributor can negotiate on their own. If you do encounter an exception, though, you are free to keep your current pricing arrangement.
  4. We take the hassle out of rebates tracking. NetPlus automatically notifies preferred suppliers of new distributor memberships, and those suppliers begin tracking and accumulating rebates for each distributor automatically, with no additional work required on the distributor’s part.
  5. We let our distributors choose who to work with. We don’t dictate who you should buy from. Instead, we you the option to keep legacy suppliers or add NetPlus preferred suppliers how and when you choose (and we give our suppliers the same freedom).

Distributors must inform themselves of the pros and cons of membership before joining a buying group to protect their pricing, supplier preferences and financial independence. Learn how membership works with NetPlus.

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