Why You Can’t be Without a Cross Pinnacle on Your Jobsite

August 4, 2020 by Louisville Ladder

Most recent trends have shown an increase in the use of platform ladders, both for industrial and residential users. There are also increasing trends in leaning ladders that have a dual purpose on jobsites. As innovators in our field, the natural progression was to combine what customers needed most. Thus, the Cross Pinnacle was created, a 2 in 1 self-supporting and leaning platform ladder.  

A platform ladder has been shown to reduce work-place injuries by lowering the inclination to overreach. It also eliminates the top two steps on a ladder which were not meant for climbing. Our new Cross Pinnacle combines these improvements with the ability to lean the ladder safely. (We discourage unsafe movements with the new Cross Pinnacle ladder.) 


Here's Why You Shouldn't be Without a Cross Pinnacle on Your Jobsite:


Cross Pinnacle platform ladders fit in more spaces

Leaning the ladder gives full access to the platform, while reducing the spread or space needed to support it in the open configuration. This ladder fits into smaller areas and accessed while still offering the platform benefits. The padded top support surface of the ProTop™ with a V-shaped feature can be supported against flat wall surfaces, poles, and internal and external corners.


Cross Pinnacle platform ladders improve productivity

More platform space and longer side rails allow for more room to move while working in multiple directions. The Pinnacle Gate can be attached and allows for 360 degree movement on the platform.


Cross Pinnacle platform ladders are more comfortable to work on

With complete foot support on the platform you can work longer without experiencing fatigue and lower the inclination to overreach. The ProTop™ also holds your tools while standing on the ladder; limiting unnecessary climbing up and down and providing convenient access as you work with multiple tools.


Cross Pinnacle platform ladders can improve safety statistics

They eliminate the top cap and top step of traditional stepladders, which are not safe for climbing.  Elimination of non-climbing surfaces can reduce misuse and OSHA fines. In addition, less climbing up and down provides less opportunity for slips and falls.


The new Pinnacle Gate allows for a 360-degree workspace

Despite the warnings, we were still receiving reports of OSHA citations for unsafe use of platform ladders. It is unsafe when the user faces the open side of the ladder, so we created a gate to help improve safe use of the Pinnacle platform ladder.


Why do I need a gate, isn’t that counter-productive?


  • To work facing four directions. Have you caught yourself not following the safety labels? Have you been close to what you need, and faced the wrong way for a quick second? Now you can work in all directions with confidence. 
  • The gate keeps you within the platform area. It creates a four-sided barrier that allows you to feel and know where you are within the platform and the edge.


Impress your safety director by demonstrating a commitment to safety by using special equipment. Extra protection from a safety and workers compensation claims standpoint.



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