Bosch REVOLVE Rotary Lasers – Revolutionizing Leveling and Grading

July 21, 2020 by Bosch

Every structure we see around us started with some form of leveling work, which requires a rotary laser. The starting phase of construction is the structural phase, which includes site preparation, foundation work and structure building, commonly using a rotary laser. Rotary lasers are primarily used by excavators, civil engineers, surveyors, concrete contractors, prefab construction and underground plumbing contractors.


What is a Rotary Laser?


A rotary laser projects a beam that rotates 360 degrees to create a horizontal or vertical plane. It is an ideal tool to complete concrete forms, properly slope a driveway or road for water drainage, or align HVAC vents for ventilation. Rotary laser applications are extensive, but selecting the proper laser can be narrowed down to the consideration of four aspects: horizontal and/or vertical plane rotation, slope requirements, accuracy and distance.


First, horizontal and/or vertical plane rotation. This can be noted as “H” or “HV” as part of a product model number. H is horizontal only and is commonly used in concrete work, surveying and site preparation. HV indicates horizontal/vertical and is commonly used for interior and exterior applications including framing/rough carpentry, as well as larger scale electrical and mechanical jobs.


Second, many projects have slope requirements that need to be taken into consideration. Single slope is mostly used by civil engineers for roadwork, with a frequent goal of directing water drainage in a particular direction. Dual-grade slope allows for the slope to be calculated towards a specific point. This covers all single-slope and dual-grading needs, including excavation, drainage and concrete pouring. Finally, accuracy and distance requirements are related to the specific needs of a job, and they can be met based on tool selection.


Why Choose Bosch Rotary Lasers? 


Bosch has become a worldwide leader in measuring, layout and leveling technology through quality innovation, engineering and manufacturing. Bosch’s product offering spans from laser measuring to interior and exterior leveling solutions for various users, from homeowners to professional tradespeople. Bosch has the right tool for the job – so you can work smarter, not harder.


Recently, Bosch has launched a newly branded line of “REVOLVE” rotary lasers for leveling and layout that include the following lasers: REVOLVE900, REVOLVE2000 and REVOLVE4000. The REVOLVE lineup was created with three key advantages: accuracy and reliability, ease of use, and a solution for every user. Accuracy and reliability means these lasers are built to withstand the tough conditions of an outdoor jobsite, all while offering the needed level of accuracy to complete the job. Ease of use is important for the user to be able to setup and operate the tool quickly and effectively. Finally, the three products within the REVOLVE lineup offer a comprehensive array of tools for various interior and exterior applications – essentially a solution for every user.


Meet the REVOLVE Family 


The REVOLVE family of rotary lasers offers three units with a core set of features, including one-button control for all rotary functions and durable IP ratings. An IP rating is a measurement of durability against dust and water with the highest rating of IP68. As the entry point unit, the REVOLVE900 offers basic functionality with 1,000 ft. range. The REVOLVE2000 is the intermediate unit offering the ability to manually enter dual slope, a 2,000 ft. range and a convenient hard case for transporting and storing the tool.


Lastly, the REVOLVE4000 brings a full arsenal of features that cover all leveling needs. With an IP68 rating, it is the most durable laser within the family, able to withstand the harshest of jobsite conditions. A key feature is its connected capability, which allows the unit to be controlled via smartphone and Bluetooth® using the Bosch Leveling Remote app. Along with controlling rotary laser functions remotely, the app allows the user to adjust the slope and guides the user through self-calibration or uCAL. uCAL is a Bosch technology that connects the rotary laser to the Bosch Leveling Remote app. It allows the user to self-calibrate the laser if an incident has occurred, for example if the laser has been dropped. Self-calibration offers the user the ability to maintain the integrity of a laser tool on the job to ensure accurate readings. With uCAL, the user no longer faces downtime associated with visiting service centers to handle calibration issues.


The next time you walk past a parking lot, a city street or even walk into your home, think about the level of involvement a rotary laser had in creating that environment. Leveling and measuring are involved in the majority of building projects and lasers play an integral role in that process. Bosch delivers laser solutions that allow the user to work smarter, not harder.


For more information on Bosch REVOLVE Rotary Lasers, click here


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